Region 1 Conference


(From left) SPJ adviser Brandon Szuminsky, Chelsea Dicks, Sarah Bell, Katherine Mansfield and Nick Farrell attended the Region 1 Conference at Rutgers University.

Though it was an SPJ event, the members attended the conference to accept a Mark of Excellence award for the university’s newspaper, the Yellow Jacket. The paper received second place.

During the conference, the SPJ members attended a number of useful sessions; they learned about covering tragedies on campus, editorial cartoons, narratives and much more.


Cleveland conference

Cleveland conference

After attending the SPJ conference in Cleveland on Feb. 23, members Lucas Diethorn and Jenny Schouppe posed in front of the “free” stamp on Lakeside Avenue.

During the conference, four Waynesburg University SPJ members learned how to use social media to become better journalists. The focus of the conference was primarily online content. Through the conference, attendees were able to participate in hands-on activities and group discussions.